I am more than enough

Ever since I can remember, I have never set limits on what I can do and achieve.  I have my parents to thank for their unwavering belief that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it and worked hard.

When I met my husband, I knew he was the going to my life partner.  Though worlds apart in terms of culture, background and upbringing, we both shared similar values on attaining the unattainable through a combination of grit, faith and belief.  Therefore when I put myself forward for something, I know that I am good enough.  I rarely chance it, with the hope that I am the best of a mediocre bunch, but rather I succeed on merit.

I am a full-time working mother.  I don’t make any apologies for that. We have fantastic childminder who takes my daughter to school and back.  I limit the time she spends at the childminder to 3 hours a day.  I am at work from 7.30am to 4.15pm, after which I dash for the train home.  I collect my daughter and we head back home for some food, homework, play, bath, story and bed.  I then log back online to catch up on emails and work for up to 2 hours.  That’s around 11 hours a day spent on work.  My boss commended me on my work strong work ethic recently and how well I manage my team of 4.  I in turn thanked him for the firm’s support of working mothers like me by offering flexible working arrangements.

I was speaking to a recruitment agent recently, who struggled to understand that anyone would employ a working mother who requires flexible hours.  My commitment and work ethic were questioned and he simply did not believe that I was on track for a respectable year-end bonus.  He recommended that I apply for a position he was recruiting for, one of a lower grade, less pay and one where no one would bat an eyelid if I clocked off at 4pm.

I am grateful to have had this conversation.  It made me reflect on my abilities and achievements.  I am a good mother.  I am good wife.  My organisational skills are second to none.  Our house isn’t spotless, but it is clean and comfortable.  We enjoy delicious home-cooked food a few times a week.

I’ve always been a valuable member of my team at work and I know that I will continue to add value wherever work takes me.

I am not merely enough.  I am more than enough.


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