Green hair

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were in deep discussion about life and our future plans – career, healthy lifestyle goals, buying a bigger house, travels.  We both acknowledged that it is easy to let fear limit our hopes.  We talked about all that we have achieved in our lives thus far – tough exams, buying our current home within two years of getting married, always being blessed to be in well-paying jobs.. the list is endless.

What is stopping us from envisaging more for ourselves in the coming years? I want to continue learning and dream of attending a course at Harvard, we both want a study, playroom and music room in our new house and we would love to visit China, India and Japan.

Feeling gratitude for all our achievements and experiences to date, it felt good to put our wishes out there to the universe.  It’s a bit like new year resolutions.  You are bound to follow through if you shared your resolutions with someone.

I can already feel actions are in motion to get us closer to our new wishes and dreams but my husband needed a bit of convincing.   I said to him to look our for a girl with green hair during the week.  I pictured bright green hair, in amongst dull wintry greyness.

On Tuesday, as I was heading down the escalator, I spotted a girl with green hair!  The next day as I got into the Tube, I see two ladies opposite me.  One with a green beanie hat.  The other wearing a khaki parka with neon green fur!  On Thursday morning, my husband sent me a text which read ‘I’ve just spotted a girl with green hair’.

A happy coincidence? It sure makes me look forward to Harvard!


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