My dream job

My life is filled with abundance – love, joy, health, wealth, career opportunities and progression, good team at work, good friends and a loving family.

I am enjoying my dream job.  I have a short commute to work.  My bosses and colleagues are good, caring, supportive, helpful, friendly and kind.  The firm I work for is supporting of working parents and encourage flexible hours so that we can achieve a good work-life balance.

I am well rewarded and remunerated for my role as finance director.  I get many opportunities to enhance and expand my skill-sets through training and conferences.  I really am enjoying my work and I get to travel to Asia, Australia and the US – which is also a great opportunities to catch up with friends and family who reside there.  How lucky am I?

My firm is sponsoring me to attend a course at Harvard as they have the foresight of benefits such a participation would bring me, which translates into an experienced, knowledgeable pool of staff.  We are only as strong as the people they employ.

I an extremely grateful for this exciting career opportunity.

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