I (almost) manifested a new house

My husband and  I have been talking about upsizing our home for a while now.

I took our a piece of paper and wrote down what our ideal home would look like – 6 beds, 4 bathrooms, south-facing garden, good neighbourhood…etc

We worked out a budget and agreed to check out our local agent to see if they had any properties which would fit the bill.

The agent showed us a number of houses they had on their portfolio and one immediately stood out.  We knew the street well and the house as in the heart of our local village.  The price was exactly at the top end of our budget but we arranged a viewing anyway.

It was a beautiful house, newly extended, had enough rooms and bathrooms (though shy of my vision-list), a south facing garden and a quick walk to the village.  I could see my parents visiting us there.  The main downside was that it had an ugly-facade.  Simply terrible.  With a garage door that opened outward onto the driveway – which meant cars had to be moved in order for the garage door to be opened. Plus, it had no side access.  We would have to leave the bins out front. With no side access, we would have to bring anything garden-related through the house via the front door.

Buying this house would eat us up of our entire savings.  Were we really up for such a financial risk?

I prayed and asked for guidance on this.  I kept seeing numbers 11 or 111 or 11.11 everywhere.

We put in a low offer on the house and waited with bated breath.  The seller was out of the country.

As we drove by the house the next day, I said to my husband, do we even know what the house number is??

Guess what folks, it was 11.

I saw it as a sign that it was meant to be ours.  But the seller countered our offer.

That night, we mulled over the offer price and what it would mean to us financially.  We would have used up our entire savings on a less than perfect house.  The ugly facade, no-side access, the bins out front, the garage door, the small driveway… these were such big deal-breakers, than we decided not to meet the seller’s counter-offer.

It was a difficult decision, but I’ve gone back to my vision board with a clear list of what I would like in our dream home.  Who knows, it might still be a house number 11.


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