My best friend

I was listening to Deepak Chopra on Day 8 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge today.  He said to think of the qualities of a good friend.  Then be that good friend to oneself.  That made me teared up as I realised how poorly I had been treating myself.  Self-neglect at its worst.  I make myself available to everyone around me but least of all to me and there are serious repercussions, namely health and well-being.  Which is why this meditation challenge is timely.

I permit myself to heal and regain my true sense of self.   I will be to me, the person I have always strived to be for others.  Dependable, kind, nurturing, loving, giving, supportive.

I have the loveliest friend – a kindred spirit if you like.

She is fiercely protective of me, backs me up, keeps me grounded when I needed to be brought down a notch or two, loving, kind, sincere and remembers me in her daily prayers.

Because I am worthy.

21-day meditation challenge

I signed-up to Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge

I am a big fan of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and am grateful to have access to the interviews on youtube.  I wish I knew Oprah personally as everyone could do with someone so motivating in their lives.  I was listening to Oprah’s interview with Deepak Chopra on one segment where they talked about meditation.  According to Deepak, it takes about 21-days to form a habit.  When asked what was the difference between prayer and meditation, Deepak explained that the former was us speaking to God, but the latter is to silence the noise/hustle in our minds so that we can hear Him speak to us.  That shook me right down to the core.

I promptly signed up to his meditation website and was delighted when I received a notification about three weeks ago that the 21-Day Meditation Challenge was due to start.

I do believe that I have guardian angels who look out for me.  I am in serious need of rebalancing/re-anchoring and the meditation challenge came at the right time.  I have embraced the daily meditation well – I do it twice a day.  Once in the morning when I’m at my desk at work before I start my day, and then at the end of the day before going to bed.  I feel as if the meditation script was written for me as Deepak narrates the daily centring thoughts and messages.

As I complete day 7, I offer my gratitude to both Deepak and Oprah for their generosity in making this meditation package free and accessible to all.  I already feel a shift in my inner self as I seek to re-anchor my existence.

Thank you.